T: So who are you for those who don’t know?

SW: For those who don’t know I’m Sluzzie Williams, a rapper, producer, writer, editor & designer from the south suburbs of Chicago

T: That’s cool, multi-creative person.  what got you into all these creative avenues?

SW: Well I always had a passion for music since day one. Since I was little that’s the only thing I wanted to do. Then I started acting which lead me to fall in love with the production side of things with camera operating, editing, lighting & sound technology. As far as designing I was always making album covers for myself & my friends and when the opportunity came to start clothing line it just gave me a different direction to go in.

T: That’s understandable, music seems to the starting point for all your creativity. You seem to just enjoy creating art, how did you get involved with the clothing line?


SW: I never thought I would have or had a clothing line ever. I remember seeing your Star Trooper line about 6-7 years ago and wanted to be apart of it or maybe have my own. Then this dude who I’ve never even seen before came to me & you and wanted to do a photo shoot. Next thing you know it’s like 15 of us hanging out every day so we came up with the name for it & it just exploded from there.

T: Man I didn’t have any clue what I was doing back then. I mean after meeting you all we just started to make a brand that everyone could appreciate. Those are some of the best times. After all that you focused more on the music and production. What are some of the differences you noticed from being an artist and a producer?

SW: Well for me being an artist just comes naturally when it comes to writing and creating a new project. It took awhile for me to be even decent at producing but like with everything practice makes perfect. Once I kept watching and learning from my homies I kept getting better & now it comes just as naturally as being an artist

T: Kicking it in the studio a few times I’ve seen the work you all put in

SW: But the biggest difference is the time it takes to write a song and make a beat it really depends on the day, feeling environment.

T: Yeah both seem like craft that takes so much skill. Definitely seen the progression of your writing abilities. I can see that, writing seems to take a while but I’ve seen the homies knock out beats in an hour depending on how they feel. Would you ever become exclusively a producer?

SW: I could never, I feel like I’ll always be an artist first that’s who I am
I would love to produce an entire project for someone though that would be awesome

T: That would be so dope. So speaking of being an artist your last project, Red Eyes Green Face$, what inspired it and what was the process of creating it.

SW: Man Red Eyes had been in the works since the beginning of 2014. It had multiple different titles before I chose REGF. I during that two-year span I was finding myself, going through the trials of being on my own, I had been in a few near-death experiences during the time that really opened my eyes. 
The process was very long, very frustrating cause like I said it took two years for me to actually complete this project so I have a lot of songs that I just threw away. I probably had 3 different projects put together before the final version lmao I don’t think people realize that greatness takes time cause that’s something I had to learn. Patience is key

T: A lot of people in our generation lack that patience to even put to work for 2 years. It’s great to see that some creativity still takes a while to perfect. I thought your project was great, very versatile experience that shows all the aspects of your life. 
Are you ever gonna release those tracks as like bonus joints?

SW: I ended up dropping two bonus tracks on SoundCloud. As far as any other throwaways people just gotta wait for the next project lol

T: When do you think you’re gonna drop that? You know all the fans are waiting for that

SW: Man I wish I knew lmao but just know it’s definitely in the works and it is definitely better than the first project.

T: Looking forward to it bro. It’s all progress. What’s more important to you the fame or the notoriety?


SW: What’s important to me is reaching my goals and once I do help others reach theirs

T: Same here, once you’re able to help then you’ll do what you can. What’s one of your favorite live performance experiences?

SW: One of my favorites has to be the first time I performed at the Metro in Chicago with my homies Tupni & Douglas Trap. The crowd was amazing and I always wanted to perform at that venue

T: Metro legendary back home. I remember seeing some pictures from that, it looked hella dope. You looking to perform anywhere soon?

SW: Of course I got a few gigs coming up I’ll be releasing the dates for those soon

T: Understood. Well, you have any last thoughts you like to spread to the masses?
SW: I just wanna let the people know that they can do whatever they want in life don’t let no one stop you. And also the new project is on another level so get ready