by Tommy Skyrunnner

TOMMY: So introduce yourself, who are you?

JAYDA: I’m Jayda, I’m an artist from Korea. I’ve been here for 8 years now and just released my first single and music video this June. My latest single “2000” came out two months ago.

T: What got you originally into music?

J: Umm...being broken and confused haha

T: Haha what do you mean by that?

J: Well technically I’m classically trainer so, I started playing the piano since I was 4 years old. Then when I came to America I wanted to pursue American pop music but I just started pursuing it seriously.

T: It seems like it’s difficult to transfer from classical to pop music. Are there things that help when making music now?

J:In a way yes definitely. I have such a strong musical background so I put a lot of input into everything that I’m doing. It definitely helps me but it can get in the way. It gets in the way when I want express something freely. Classical is very structured but pop music is like the opposite. So they’re a conflict.

T: I can see that.

J: I’m still trying to break the boundaries for yourself.

T: Even from the music heard already it’s pretty tight. I know you just said you started a while ago.

J: Thank you.

T: So upon moving here what were some of the challenges you faced making music?

J: Definitely language because English isn’t my first language. So I always faced a language barrier when writing but i get help from friends when writing. It’s still a lot of terms of slang in hip-hop culture.

 T: How come you don’t throw in Korean words?

J: Well I’m planning on having a Korean song soon.

T: That’s gonna be tight.

J: Yeah it’s gonna be a collective piece. I’m gonna sing in Korean as well.

T: Alright so if you weren’t into music what would you be doing?

J: Damn, that’s a interesting question. Hmm, I’d be a foodie blogger haha

T: Lol that’d be cool

J: No but I enjoy taking photos . Or I’m into the fashion industry as well.

T: Would you model or design?

J: Probably design like yourself.

T: I’d really like to see that.

J: On the other hand I had to thought to be a surgeon. After seeing Grey’s Anatomy and House I can see myself in those scrubs haha.

T: Haha Grey’s Anatomy is so dope.

J: Oh I would definitely want to be a writer, like screenplays. Like all of my music videos, I made all the stories and platforms.

T: What were the concepts?

J: Well Satellite , pretty much very futuristic. Me kinda being alien from another planet. Like I’m kinda lost on this planet type of vibes.

T: What about for the concept for the other one?

J: Drown. It was more of a visual thing, more vibrant colors and neon. I was trying to be a little commercial but a visual look as a woman.

T: Well I’m going to have to check out both.

J: Both are directed by my friend.

T: What’s his name?

J: Jordan Reyes

T: Besides making the music through pop, would you go into a different genre. Like jazz or something?

J: I love jazz. Actually my background is like soul and Rnb.

T: What do you mean by that?

J: Stevie Wonder, Motown soul.

T: Okay, okay. Can you sing?

J: Yeah I’m a singer before anything else. Like I have a really strong singing background but the culture now is like singing and rapping. I’m experimenting with the sound now.

T: What part of LA do you live in?

J: I live in Burbank.

T: Well appreciate you coming that’s a good commute.

J: No problem. Like when I moved here I lived in West Covina and just moved around every 2 years.

T: So are there anything that is comparative between LA in Korea?

J: Everything pretty much. Here it’s like you find people from other places and we all meet here. Everyone is from somewhere else. It’s like we all still kinda know each other. You meet people from other countries and other states

T: Yeah it’s like a melting pot.

J: Definitely, like everyone is from somewhere else it’s like a collective creative field. Still kinda know each other.

T: If you wanted to make a song with anyone, dead or alive in the world.

J: Michael Jackson, Prince, XXXtentaction, and Lil Peep.

T: That sounds like a very interesting song haha. And if you can perform at any place where would you perform.

J: I mean I want to perform all over the world but I want to perform at the Super Bowl.

T: Okay well it’s gonna happen soon just a matter of time.