Multiple Disciplines

by Tommy Skyrunner


TOMMY: We’ve met before and I’ve seen some of your work but for the people who don’t know who are you?


ZIZI: I’m Nicole Zizi, a multidimensional being who often finds herself in the realm of art, design, event planning, and art in all aspects from 2D , 3D to sonic (music) art.

T: It’s dope you can get access to so many channels for art and design. What got you creating?


Z: Well, I can honestly say I used to daydream and draw a lot in my grade school classes. I would draw people as a way to get their attention….never really meaningful just out of pure boredom. I never was into sports or extracurricular activities so far a long time I just existed and did things like draw and travel out of pure boredom. As I got older, time passed and my grandmother got sick and passed away and I was extremely heart-broken — it was right before Christmas.  I remember my best friend Jade, telling me about painting and Thought it was something really interesting to dive into but I didn't have the passion for it at the time. — until after my grandmother passed I had two much pent-up emotion I used painting to express and relief I was going through. After I was done mourning I shared what I was creating on Instagram. I was really proud of the work. I created and people from my school noticed it nd like it and that’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do for as long as I can.

T: I know going through all that definitely shaped who you are as an individual. It's crazy how our creativity naturally leads us to our destiny.


Z: I also used to have an interest for fashion when I was younger I would search the internet and I actually created a blog spot and posted what I liked.

As I got older, I continued to explore different aspects of art and designs I could, i got into fashion with my friends Saeed and Jade. We created a collection for an investor it was never produced though.

T: Going through all that helped you creatively so much. It seems like you’re well versed in art. I heard you’re into more of sustainable fashion. Could you explain that?


Z: We live in a huge world where pollution is a huge problem now and being a designer can create trends things that will be in circulation for years its important to design for the future. One of the designs may not realize that could’ve been avoided is things like plastic bags and bottles if the designer that created that though about the effects of the product it wouldn’t be in circulation now creating so much harm to wildlife. Sustainability is all about doing things in such a way as to theoretically be able to keep up resources, natural resources, wildlife resources, and human resources.

T: I agree completely. Sustainability is something we all need to come to blend into our lives. In terms of you being a curator for events, such as CDV. How did you all come up with CD?


Z: It started as a collaboration event with Prsnlty and my team XLACED.

T: I’m going to have to check out Prsnlty.



Z:  Prsnlty and XL decided to partner and throw and art party in 2014. It was so successful we decide to throw another event and continue to build on the idea and it’s been super successful.

T: You all built something that’s brought the city together but also empowered by millennials. I saw recently you said this the final event. It looks like its going so great, what made you all stop?


Z: Outside of the successfullness there are issues going on and a solution to that problem we think maybe the best moving forward by not doing the even furthermore.

T: That's unfortunate. Sorry to here that but at least you all are going with a great track record. Will you be starting any other events moving forward.


Z: Of course, right now we have soul works which is another brand based on promotion and community and building. Conceptual which is a brand focus on community building and bringing women together. There will be more in the future for sure.

T: I’m very interested to see what your next super group has to offer. f you could curate one final project, no budget, and no boundaries what would you wanna do?


Z: If I could curate one project what would it be? I would want to curate a show that implements art, design, music and trade. If I were to do a project that was just design based, it would be an affordable eco-friendly clothing brand.


Nicole Zizi recently had an event on July 29 called Creative District V which is an art experience showcases talent, creativity, and community environment.