by Tommy Skyrunner


Tommy: Hey , so tell me a little about yourself?

Cesar: I grew up in Santa Ana California and I always liked where I grew up. Now I’m creating art to show how great of a place this is. I do radio shows, podcasts, and create audio experiences

T: What do you mean by audio experiences?

C: Well, its just different. It’s more than just a radio show. I created this show called CRP Radio On the last episode I went around asking people what was the biggest heartbreak in their lives then added music to it later.

T: How did you get involved in radio?

C: I went to school for film because I thought that was what I wanted to do. I realized how hard it is to do that. I was a little disillusioned by the time I got out of college. Film just seemed like such a big venture and I wanted to do something ASAP. My cousin, DJ ADM told me he was at this online radio station and he wanted me to come in because his partner wasn’t available. I went in and just was like wow this is easy, like I can talk with my friend about something and explaining music in between. Ever since then, I’ve just been involved with HITS101 Radio, for about two years now.


T: It’s crazy how naturally that occurred.

C: Yeah like I wasn’t expecting that to happen that day. I was just like oh let see what happens and now it’s my passion.

T: Even just in the time I’ve known you I’ve seen all the guests you’ve had on the show, all the events in Santa Ana, and the music selection just gets better.

C: It gets frustrating sometimes because you’re just like when are we gonna hit that moment but then I look back on the stuff we’ve done. We interviewed professional 

comedian, George Perez on the Rodriguez Show. 

 I wasn’t ready for that he came in after doing this Joe Rogen podcast which is like 3 hours and they sit smoke lots of weed, how am I supposed to keep up with that?But he came through and it was good time. Now we’re doing events in Santa Ana and it’s building into something.

T: What is the end result you all want to accomplish?

C: As far as the Rodriguez Show that’s my hip hop radio show. I just want it to be known as a place to promote yourself in Orange County . We want 

people to know we’re there. We want people to know that we’re there and we want to be a voice for the youth in Orange County. With Cesar’s Modern Life I want just want to share the interviews with people in my life because there are it’s a lot of interesting people in my life, like you man. I know people have other projects to discuss. 


T: It’s interesting all of your different ventures like CRP and Rodriguez Show are all like on the same tree. Like one is reaching out the youth and music while the other is like to communicate with people. It’s cool they give off this community vibe.

C: At the end of the day I just want to better where I live

T: What are some of the things you want to do for the community or just like some of the things you want to do.

C: Right now I just trying to learn how to plan events. We did art walks, probably the easiest medium to reach out like we’re a hip hop radio show. FreeConcerts. Parties. Eventually fundraisers for the people in need, giving out backpacks and supplies.

T: That’s really dope, giving back when you can. I generally ask every guest this, would you rather have the fame or notoriety?

C: Thats a tough one. Fame is easy, you get to a certain level and you get the fame. Notoriety people will never forget you for something good or bad that you did but regardless you went out there and did it. 

T: Anything in the future you’d like to tell us about?

C: Coming up for the Rodriguez Show we have a hip hop event coming up down in Santa Ana. It’s called the RCRD Hip Hop Experience. 

Go to rodriguezshow.com

Interview on Cesar's Modern Life