by Tommy Skyrunner


TOMMY: Alright, so who are you and what do you do? 

CORI: My name is Cori Knox. And I’m a freelance photographer based in Chicago.

T: How did you get introduced to photography? 

C: Umm.. it kinda happened by accident. I always knew I wanted to pursue art, I just didn’t know what form. When I was in high school I took every art class I could like drawing and digital art, etc. By the time I was a senior I had taken everything except photography, so I signed up for it not knowing it was going to be my favorite. My dad got me a camera for my 17th birthday and it was over from there haha. I took my camera everywhere and shot any chance I got.

Amelia (IG:@mimichantel) Hoodie by @venture.club.xyz

T: It’s really cool how natural you found it. So from there when do you feel like you started getting serious with it? 

C: Probably after my first year of college. I just picked a school and a major because I felt like I had to. The whole year I felt like I settled. I wasn’t the least bit interested in what I was doing. During my second semester, my best friend found my camera and asked me to take photos of her. I was so happy with how they came out that I started shooting her all the time. It was one of the few things that made me feel genuine excitement lol. I just kinda knew there was nothing else I wanted to do.

T: Haha, I know what you mean. I mean since I’ve known you’ve always been equipped with the camera. Photography seems to have hit saturation in a sense, do you think that’s good or bad?

C: What do you mean?

T: Like how we’re now exposed to a lot more photography and just wondering how you feel about the atmosphere. 

C: It’s kind of a love/hate thing I guess. It’s great because no two photographers shoot the same way or have the same style. I love seeing other people’s work. A lot of it is inspiring. At the same time, it makes it kind of hard for me to not compare myself to others especially with social media.

T: That’s understandable, feel like it’s hard not do that with all the things we see nowadays. When you’re shooting would you rather be inside or out? 

C: I’m definitely more comfortable shooting outside because I love natural light. 

T: What makes it different from indoor? 

C: I like to shoot on overcast days because it creates soft, even light without harsh shadows similar to what you’d achieve with a proper studio lighting set up. Studio lighting is something that’s still new to me so I haven’t quite perfected it yet.

T:  Your photography style reminds me of those type of days. Didn't you work for Iridium I wanna say for a while?

Gallery Images from Left to Right: Prince ( @_princeishfu)

Stylist @panache.__

Dana (@theangelonline)

Stylist @panache.__

Thunder (@thundersyefah)

Stylist @panache.__

Amelia (@mimichantel)

C: Yea! That was one of the first brands that I worked with and I loved it. It was a great learning experience because I was styling as well. I think that was just a time when I was figuring out what direction I wanted to go with my work and I was trying things out and bouncing from one project to another but that’s definitely something I’d love to do again.

T: You were out here really killing it, didn't even know. I love that feeling of consecutive projects to work on personally. What are some other brands you’d like to work for? 

C: The list is so long! But like my dream job is to shoot for like Chanel, Opening Ceremony, or Givenchy to name a few. 

T: You’ll be there, putting that into the universe. You should try to hit up FW if you haven’t been 

C: I wanted to go this year but something came up last minute and plans changed.

T: Damn I’m sorry about that. If you’re weren’t a photographer what would do?

C: I considered going to school for speech pathology. I had to take speech therapy as a kid and it helped with my confidence so much. I would just want to be able to help somebody else the same way it helped me.

T: That’s really awesome, not what I was expecting as well. It’s really beautiful you want to help others like that. What would be your dream project, any location, and an unlimited budget?

C: If I had an unlimited budget I’d just want to travel and shoot street/architecture photography all over the world. I have a weird obsession with architecture haha.

T:  Haha, Tell me more about that 

C: Well whenever I’m just in the mood to shoot I walk around the city and take architecture photos and I was just curious about how these buildings were made and why they’re made certain ways so I just started reading about it. I think it’s kinda cool.

T: It’s really cool you make that a part of your work. Architecture is so important to everyday life but it isn’t super prevalent. Do you have any upcoming shoots you’re excited about? 

C: I have a few ideas that I’m still piecing together. I really want to start doing more conceptual projects so I’m really looking forward to that.

T: Can’t wait to start seeing those.

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