by Tommy Skyrunner


Austen is an artist, musician, and a creator who is constantly innovating his style. His music can be described as a melting pot due to the areas involved. 


TOMMY: Who are you?

AUSTEN: I’m Austen, and I'm an artist.


T: What made you intrigued with creating audio?


A: My parents taste in music, video games, and movies


T: Word. I grew up playing a lot of games too. What were you into? 


A: That’s what’s up g! One of my favorite video games as a kid was Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It’s fantastic. I was into everything from Adventure to Sandbox to fighting games. I’m a huge gamer lol


T: What about in terms of music?

A: Music wise I was raised on R&B / Soul, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin, 80’s, Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae. My parents music collection is definitely something to be treasured. Pretty much started me up on the whole “I wanna make music for life” dream.

T: Sounds like you were in a household of good music. When did you start actually learning how to create.

A: I officially started producing at 14, rapping at 16, and engineering at 18.

T: I was listening to the new EP. I mess with the sounds you selection and the bars are dope. What was the inspiration and process for creating it?

A: Thank you man! I’ve had a slight obsession with Japan since I was in the 3rd grade. I love anime and like how weird and futuristic Tokyo is. Over the last 2 years I’ve been working on my sound as a producer. I came to the conclusion that a lot of my beats sound like what I image Tokyo would be. I made the cover art, found 5 beats that fit it, re-mixed them, and thus CLUB: TOKYO was made lol.


T: That’s really dope. I can definitely hear the Tokyo influence in the production. It sounds pop sonically with a mix of actual hip hop. Who inspires you on the production side?


A: Pharell, Kanye, Kaytranada, Wondergurl, Monte Booker, Flying Lotus, etc. The list could just go on.


T: Would you want to stay independent artist or is the ultimate goal signing?


A: Independent would be the move. It’s a lot of hard work yet seeing what Chance has been able to do its more than possible. At the same time it’s all about make sure the fam eats and is taken care of at the end. If I was offered a nice deal on my terms I would consider signing.


T: Understandable, it’s all situational. I believe Chance is pushing independent artist more into the norm. If you weren’t creating music what art form would you pursue?


A: Film or Acting. I plan to make a series of short films one day. I believe films & movies can be powerful when done right. I really enjoyed acting in high school. I bet if I picked it back then I’d be decent in a year or two lol


T: That’s unexpected, I can see that though. Out here acting all over the place. Your last project was an EP, can we expect a full project anytime soon?


A: Yeah hopefully later this year. I've been working on a possibly game changing idea so hopefully everything gets done right and it comes to fruition sooner than later. I'm excited for you and others to hear it.