by Tommy Skyrunner

Tommy: Thanks for joining me today. So who are you for those who aren't familiar. 

Anum: Hello! My name is Anum and I'm an artist. I have radio show/podcast about art.

T:  I've seen the growth of the podcast and just want to say how inspiring it is. What made you enter that form of media?

A: Thank you! Well, I used to make the daily announcements over the loudspeaker in high school and after moving back home to California (She went to school in New York) - one of my friends Cesar Rodriguez, asked if I wanted to have a radio show. I love listening to podcasts and thought it would be really interesting to try to start one of my own.

T:  Even in high school you can see how you started to find the direction. You and Cesar have a great thing going. I'm a big fan of all the shows on the radio stations. They're so vibrant and unique, good to see that out here. Was there anything in New York that pushed in that direction of podcasts?

A: So much! The city of New York instilled a lot of tenacity in me and really helped me understand how important art was in my life. I was exposed to so many different kinds of art forms and artists and didn't know how much impact they would have on me until I started exploring my connection after moving back home.

T:  I can see that completely. NY is such a metropolis busting with so much creativity. So on the radio show how do you choose what you will discuss

A: On  Anum in the AM, figuring out what the topic of discussion will be is always a struggle. I've gone on the show and talked about everything ranging from deserts and nature to recapping Young Thug scandals. The show has evolved into a much more free-form outlet for me to learn about the world around me and how art impacts that world.

T: The topics are always really good to me because you never know what to expect. Really cool you're able to learn about that while still provoking conversations.


A: Thanks! It is really cool; a huge aspect of the show is making sure I'm providing a platform for art and artists who I'm familiar with and letting everyone else learns about them, as well. It's one of the biggest reasons I do this show.

T:  Understandable. You have to provide that platform for the people. I saw recently you all were added to iTunes (iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other major platforms. Is there an endgame for the podcast?

A: I am! I'm basically on every podcast app at the moment, which is really exciting! There isn't an end that I can see, I probably want to continue doing this until at least, 2020.

T: Oh gotcha, you're attacking all the platforms. Looking forward to more episodes as you continue to grow the show. Are there any other podcasts or radio personalities that inspire you?

A: Yeah, I love podcasts. My favorite podcast is Bodega Boys, Desus and Mero are so funny and smart to me. I also listen to The Read, This American Life, and How I Built This, very regularly. I love listening to peoples' lives and experiences. CRP Radio is also such an incredible show. I always recommend it to everyone.

T: Yeah they're great, you put me on to Bodega Boys a while ago but I definitely slept on them. I'll have to check those other ones. CRP is always killing it, you and the team have a cool lineup. If you weren't working on a podcast what would you want to do artistically?


A: I do love podcasts! That's a great question, if I wasn't focused on podcasts, I would probably divert more of my attention to painting or singing or cooking. I love the arts and any way to channel this energy inside of me to an external outlet that people can enjoy is a great way to be spending my time.

T: I agree completely, a great way to express yourself while still sharing with the world. That's really dope, is there anything you want to tell the world?

A: Be happy, be yourself. We are all going to die.


Listen to AnumintheAM HERE